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Is your business disrupted by the long wait for a job offer to be accepted?

Senza Carta secures best-fit candidate faster

Your speed to hire will be enhanced via electronic acceptance of offers. This means securing in-demand talent ahead of the competition.

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Don’t wait for weeks to collect employment and payroll Information

Senza Carta speeds up the collection of information

Employment documentation is essential, paperwork is not! Welcome to the digital era where employment documentation is transferred from new starters to HR via a confidential, secure file exchange.

Onboarding process bogged down in boring paperwork?

Senza Carta activates your new starters

Turn the boring 1st week experience into one that engages and motivates. Research shows that optimised onboarding can shorten the time from start to full contribution by up to 30%.

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Struggling to control contract and policy compliance?

Digital Sign off solves non-compliance issues

Digital acceptance using Senza Carta eliminates disputes arising from unsigned contracts, policies and procedures, making employment document compliance easier to manage.

Need to improve communication, engagement and build an employment brand?

Senza Carta facilitates employee interaction

Senza Carta is all about the Employee Experience, enhancing your Employment Brand and ability to attract and engage high quality talent.

Looking for a digital HR management solution?

Senza Carta provides a secure paperless system for HR transactions

Free up HR to do more important work with Senza Cartas digital document transfer system.


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Personal Career


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Fed up with not knowing why you’re missing out with job applications?

Senza Carta is an awesome tool for all job seekers

Senza Carta provides regular tips, advice and recommendations from Recruiters and HR people on how to stand out from the crowd. We lift the lid on the inside information about recruitment that will help you get noticed.

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Constantly misplacing your resume?

Senza Carta provides job-winning resume templates

Cloud storage means never misplacing your resume again. Full of presentation ideas and guides on how to build a resume that gets noticed, Senza Carta securely stores your resume in the Cloud ready to attach to your next application.

Want an employee experience that is mobile and digital?

Senza Carta is designed for a totally mobile employment experience

Now you can request that job offers are sent to your Senza Carta account. Review and accept offers digitally. Store them with other employment documents. Complete employment forms once and eliminate tiresome, repetitious form filling. Securely stored for your convenience, accessed when you need them

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Communicate and interact with work mates as you would with friends?

Senza Carta keeps you connected

The future of work is all about the employee experience and Senza Carta keeps you connected, communicating and informed. When your employer is using the Senza Carta business interface, you will receive regular updates about work, and be able to communicate with your manager.

Want to manage your career on your terms?

Senza Carta puts you in control of your Career

Regardless of where you are on your career journey, Senza Carta provides the tools, resources and system of Career Management to support your working life. On average, people spend 40 + years in employment and this is increasing.

The unique interface built for business facilitates two-way communication and the transfer of information and documents that removes the burden of paperwork and connects people in all walks of life to work. Senza Carta is the future way to work.


Senza Carta is for everyone


Subscription costs a once off payment of $10.00

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Subscription costs a once off payment of $10.00

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