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Australian Workers are Getting Younger

By 2025 Gen Y and Zed who collectively make up the generation known as Millennials will make up 58% of the Australian workforce with similar trends occurring globally.

Technology seems to change at light speed. Those who make up the Millennial generation seem to have a thirst for everything Social, Mobile, Global, Digital and Visual.  Because of this, the lines between work and social, study and entertainment have become blurred for Millennial workers.

While Generation X sought to have a more reasonable work/life balance than their parents, the Boomers, on the other hand, strived for wealth. While the Millennial generation is driven to remain connected via technology.

How to recognize Millenial Workers

You will of course recognize Millennials everywhere because their lives pirouette on a small screen!  Small screens have become something of an obsession.

Millennials have a reputation for having a desire to be engaged in every aspect of their lives in ways that meet their needs and on their terms. This includes – with whom, where and how they work.

Millennials are set to be the big disruptors in the Future of Work. Disrupting businesses, Managers and HR People. The War for Talent is about to take twisted turn; not towards a talent shortage, although that is still true in certain professions. This war for talent will be a war that is waged for who connects the quickest, most effective and most entertaining through the use of Best of Breed Technology in the HR space.

The Australian Human Resources Institute is on record as stating: “Digital HR is the foundation for making sure your organisation is ready for the future”

Josh Bersin, a prolific researcher on emerging HR Technology and an Oracle for the HR Profession sees HR Technology as a catalyst for creating a brighter future for HR professionals.

Top 5 Trends in HR Technology

Bersin sees the top five (5) trends happening in HR technology as:

  1. Going beyond the system of record?
    Moving HR toward a new paradigm & using HR technology to add functionality, improve communication and make daily processes quicker and easier.
  2. Adapting to a mobile-first mentality?
    Meeting the Millennials at their level. Making it an imperative for HR to drive engagement through technology.
  3. Diving headfirst into analytics?
    By adopting new solutions that compile data and analyze it to assist corporate leaders.
  4. Staying current in the corporate world?
    Developments in HR technology is pushing HR to keep up with new innovation. Every company wants to stay current.
  5. Redesigning the employee experience?
    HR must look at ways to reinvent the employee experience.

More recently, Bersin has written about the “Employee Experience” and how important it will be to win the ‘War for Talent’ by providing unique and optimised Employee Experiences.

It certainly feels like there is a revolution occurring within the workforce with Millennials being the catalyst for change that will disrupt business and the HR Department.

There is no shortage of information, tools and crystal ball gazing to forewarn HR people about the Future of Work and Technology.  Information and technology is constantly emerging and will assist HR to meet the challenges and the changes that are imminent.

The question remains, will HR people be the catalyst to drive change within the business or will business and HR be forced to change from the outside in. Our money is on the latter! We’d love to be proven wrong.

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