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Another New Year begins and the career drifters are about to hit the Job Boards! The number of job vacancies rises significantly in January, beginning at the two-week mark and increasing in the third week around Australia Day.

It’s a pattern that has been repeating for decades and will probably go on for decades more. Why? Because by the end of each year employees are hanging out for that break, the holiday. Its the time when businesses are manned by skeletons and commerce slows to about quarter pace. That is of course excluding retail, tourism and entertainment which is booming.

People everywhere are rethinking their career, making resolutions, setting goals and dreaming of a better life.

I’m sure its a familiar feeling, you’ve put in a hard year and you’ve had it up to the eyeballs with:

  • The boss
  • The workload
  • The angry customer
  • The obnoxious co-worker
  • Poor pay and overwork
  • Treated like a mushroom
  • Yada yada yada

So you take a break, wind down and have a wonderful, relaxing break. Then after a week or three of down time you are confronted with having to wind up again and face the dreaded first day back. Back to what? Being in a place that you don’t enjoy?

Did you know that most people will have a working career that spans 45 – 50 years? That’s over 2,000 working weeks, 11,000 days or an astounding 88,000 hours. So why are you working at a job or in a career that feels like drudgery?

But wait, the point here is that January is just the wrong time of the year to jump ship. Yes, there are more vacancies advertised but proportionately there will also be a greater number of people looking for a change because of all the above.

So competition is higher than ever and if you’ve stuck it out for a few years you’re about to be faced with changing methods of faceless and often nameless recruiters. You may as well play Russian roulette with your career if you take action right now!

The best advice for now, is to sit tight and wait a month or two. Sure, check out the vacancies and if you really must, throw your application in. Make a few calls, connect with Recruiters on LinkedIn and talk to people in the job market who have insights that you can use.

Do some research and observe for as long as you can hold off. You will be in a totally different mindset, not wound up like an old watch and you’ll be amazed at the difference that will make.

Good luck with your job search and check out the Senza Carta resources for individuals where you will find help with your resume, job search and preparing for interview amongst a range of helpful topics.

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