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  • Is the high cost of staff turnover crippling your business?
  • Are the efforts of your Key Resources in training and supporting new employees having little or no effect?
  • Have your employees ‘bought into’ your Vision and Mission?

If these issues exist in your business, then it’s time to rethink what is going into your “welcome onboard” experience. Optimising your Employee Onboarding is critical for your new hire’s socialisation and integration. Reaching productivity quicker and staying longer. Senza Carta specialises in helping businesses to achieve great Employee Experiences through Onboarding.

What We Do Differently

Senza Carta is more than technology, we provide a full-service offering when it comes to the design and development of a great employee experience through Onboarding.

Our experienced team is passionate about Onboarding and will create a tailored solution for your organisation.

How We Can Help

Senza Carta Onboarding ModelAre you looking for an Employee Onboarding solution but don’t know where to start?

Are you leading a project for an Onboarding Program but are strapped for resources?

Perhaps you’re just looking for ideas on how to integrate learning, video and compliance but don’t have the budget for “hi-tech” programs?

Senza Carta now offers our expertise in Employee Onboarding with design and development services. We also prefer to be involved in the implementation and internal training because we know how important it is to get ‘stickability’ for a new process.

We understand that there is more to an engaging Onboarding experience than just a piece of software.

Research ValidatedThe difference between Senza Carta Onboarding design & development services and onboarding technology is that our software is one piece of the puzzle.

We use validated research into pro-active Employee Onboarding to ensure that your new-hires have the confidence, connection and motivation to hit the ground running from day 1.

We use a range of applications and media to ensure that all areas of your Onboarding Program are tailored to meet your requirements.3 Steps to Your Onboarding Program

This can include:
• Pre and post-commencement communication
• Introduction to Vision, Mission & Values
• Health & Safety induction
• Relationship building and socialisation with the new team
• Intro to mentors and buddies
• Document exchange and sign off
• Payroll information collected
• Provisioning to prepare for day 1 and beyond

• Pre-commencement learning – SOP’s, compliance training, work orientations
• Post-commencement training and activities – first 30 days arrangements
• Formal and informal reviews of progress
• Check in & feedback points with new-comers
• Enterprise specific information, training and compliance related items – signed off

3 Steps to Your Onboarding Program

During the “design phase” of a project, we explore fully what will be the best way to deliver information for your new employees and your organisation. Appropriate methods and media are selected to deliver the perfect solution to suit your business and budget.

Senza Carta 3 Steps

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