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What is the purpose of having a covering letter?

A cover letter is the opportunity to write a personal note to the Recruiter or Hiring Manager. Your resume will be full of facts and information so the cover letter allows who you are to shine through.

How much information should a cover letter contain?

That really depends on the position being applied for. Generally a cover letter should be no longer that 3 paragrahps:

  1. An introduction about who you are
  2. Why your application should be considered – relevant experience, qualifications, meeting the criteria etc and
  3. A closing courtesy such as “I look forward to meeting with you” or “I welcome the opportunity to discuss this application”
Should I create a separate Cover Letter or just type into the job board system?

Some job boards have awful text fields that make a cover letter look like a child’s scrawl. A separate cover letter that is uploaded rather than typed in allows you to present your letter professionally.

Is it OK to have the Cover Letter and Resume combined?

There are no hard and fast rules about having a cover letter separate to your resume. There may however be some benefit by combining them. If you have been reading this tips you will know about “key words”. A cover letter/resume combined with key words listed in both places may just cause the robot computer system to recognise your suitablity ahead of others. We say try it and see if it makes a difference but make sure you have key words in both parts.

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