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How much time should I spend searching for a job?

That’s difficult to answer because some people will have a lot of time available and others will have limited time. It can be frustrating spending hours on job search and getting no where. Even when you are desperate for a job, an initial few hours is sufficient and when you set up “alerts” then the time spent per day is reduced. There are other ways to look for a job than trawl the job boards.

Where are the best places to go searching for a job?

The obvious places are online job boards, SEEK, Monster, Indeed, Mighty Recruiter Live Career, Jobs Galore and Glass door are some examples. It will depend on where you are located. The other factor is what you are looking for. Statistics show that the majority of vacancies that arise are filled be referral and recommendation so think about reaching out to friends and colleagues and let them know you are looking.

I hear an awful lot about LinkedIn for job search, is it really worthwhile?

Yes, it really is worthwhile. The reason why so many recruiters are on LinkedIn is to build a network of job candidiates and when a vacancy arises that suits the candidate’s experience and qualifications, they let their LinkedIn connections know about it.

Is there any point in "pounding the pavement" to look for work?

That would depend on the type of work you are looking for. Businesses still advertise in shop windows and sign boards outside factories so if that is the type of work you are looking for – go for a walk or a drive. Hospitality is particularly prone to hire people who walk in and ask.

I've had feedback from a recruiter that I didn't "tick all the boxes". What does that mean?

It probably means that you did not meet the job criteria. It’s not very helpful feedback because you don’t know which boxes weren’t ticked! If it happens again try asking for more specific information – “which boxes did I tick and which ones did I miss out on?”

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