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Where can I download resume templates?

We developed some top-notch resum templates for you to further your career. Grab a copy by filling out the form below, we will send them through your email address.

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Shoud I develop a personal "vision" statement?

Keep your resume brief and to the point. Your life “purpose” and personal “vision” statements are great but they wont necessarily win you the job. Having a Vision Statement for your career is best kept separate along with plans about how you will achieve it.

What personal details do I include in my resume?

Basic personal details should include: name, address, email and phone number. If you have a LinkedIn profile, include a link to it. Place your personal details at the top of the first page, better still, put them in a header to appear at the top of every page.

Should I have a "career objective" or purpose and include it in my resume?

If you really want to include a career objective then go ahead but make sure that the objective is consistent with the job opportunity for which you are applying

If my career objective is to seek new opportunities outside of my qualifications and experience, what should I do?

In this case make sure that your reasons are genuine and believable. People will see right through a disconnect between a flimsy objective and work history.

Where should I list my qualifications?

If the job advert states “compulsory” qualifications or certifications then provide the information close to the top of the page.

Should I list qualifications and short courses together?

These are two different things. Qualifications will form part of the essential criteria for the postion which should be limited to secondary and tertiary education. Add short courses separtely but only if they are relevant.

Where should I list short courses completed?

Most short-courses (1/2 day to 5 day duration) will not win you the job except if the advert states “compulsory”. If they are compulsory they go on page 1, if not list them towards the end.

Should I list scholarly results against qualifications?

Its not absolutely necessary but if your profession is in a specialised area and acceptance for the position requires high academic achievement then go ahead.

Should I list any business interests that I have such as hobby business, investments or family business interests?

Most organisations will not permit employees to have a conflict of interest whilst they are employed. This means that if you have a part time or hobby business or major shareholding in a competitor company then you must declare it.

What information should I provide in relation to past employment?
  • Name of company
  • Website address (omit if no longer in business)
  • Title of the position you held
  • Start & End dates (month and year)
  • Key responsibilities – not a list of tasks
  • Achievements – not just getting the job done, achievements show that you go above and beyond expectations.
  • List of Awards and Publications – if you have received public recognition for your work and where your work has been published in professional journals, these are excellent inclusions that will be noticed by the reader – but only if it is relevant.
Should I list my personal strengths?

Key strengths only – no more than 6 – 8 and be realistic!

Should I list volutary experience?qualifications and experience, what should I do?

Only if it is relevant or the organisation with whom you are seeking employment places a high value on their employees’ contribution to society or a social cause

Should I list interests and hobbies

Business related only ? if you have a blog or part time online business then there may be some advantage in providing this.

What things should I never put in a Resume?
  • An email address linked to your current or past employment – bad form!
  • Names of referees and contact details
  • Copies of written references
  • Date of birth or age
  • Personal information not relevant to employment (children, marital status, hobbies and interests)
Are there any rules around Resume format?

Fancy fonts, scrolls, colours and other embellishments can be a distraction to the reader. However if you work in creative arts and similar industries then feel free to show off your flare.

Should I "blow my own horn" with achievements?

If you have achievements then list them. Achievements are not those things that you have done to meet KPI’s and targets. Achievements are those things that demonstrate your initiative and ability to go beyond expectations.

What if I don't have any work related achievements?

Achievements are not just about work-related achievements; think about things you have achieved personally –
sport, school, uni or college and hobby pursuits. Also casual employment, charity work etc.

Is there a special format for writing achievements?

“Best achievements are written when stated as and action and outcome or outcome and action. Eg “My idea saved the company $thousands by identifying ways to reduce the time it took to get the job done” Or “I identified a way of reducing the time it took to get the job done which saved the company $thousands.” Being able to quantify your achievement will make an even greater impact.

Do you need a different resume for each position?

If you have broad experience to draw from and the job advertised is in a “specialist” area, first of all make sure you have relevent experience and then – if needed – modify your resum to emphasise that experience.

I have the experience, I just keep getting knock-backs?

Make sure that your resume and cover letter contain words used in the advert to describe skills and experience. Software programs are used to search on keywords contained in your application. If you haven’t used those keywords, chances are you won’t hear back.

Should I state the reason for leaving past positions?

Some people may want to know but there is no reason for including it in your resume. Answer honestly if/when asked because reference checks can catch you out if you don’t.

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