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How can Social Networking or Social Media help me to get work?

The first thing to keep in mind is that there are a lot of jobs that get filled by word-of-mouth referrals. Letting your network of friends and work buddies know that you are looking for work could lead to someone knowing someone who knows someone who is connected to a business with a vacancy. Never underestimate how you can use 6 degrees of separation. Of course don’t go spruking if you are “thinking” of moving on, hold off until you have left.

Should I have a profile on LinkedIn?

Almost all categories of work are now represented on LinkedIn. Because it’s the place where recruiters hang out, if you have a profile then you can be found. Make sure that you do it well though there are some “golden rules” for LinkedIn profiles.

Apart from online networking what should I do to connect with employers and recruiters?

When you are searching for a specific role or in a specific industry searching for opportunities can be made easier using a few great techniques. Firstly, look at online job boards find recruitment companies that are handling multiple vacancies. This can be an indication that they specialise in your area. If there is a name to contact then use it! Build a relationship with one or more recruiters who seem to be handling vacancies in your area. The other source of information will come from knowing the companies who are hiring in your field. Do a general search for positions you are looking for in the location that you want and you will find that your search will come up with company career pages where positions are being advertised.

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