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Welcome to Senza Carta! We are on a mission to make sure that Businesses, HR People and Job Seekers make the most of every employment opportunity.

Senza Cartas was developed to fulfil 3 driving passions:

  • Building and strengthening the engagement between employees and employers and using technology to drive connection, communication and successful partnerships;
  • Preparing HR Professionals, employees and businesses for the Future of Work as it rapidly takes shape;
  • Contributing towards the success of employees and job seekers by having a Career by Design; where work is a joy and not a burden

Having decades of experience in HR Management means that we have a deep understanding that HR People can make a greater contribution to business success when technology is utilised to reduce transactional tasks. HR Management can produce quantifiable business improvements and HR Professionals can work on more mission-critical projects when the time that is chewed up with administration is reduced.

Studies have proven that improved communication and engagement between employees and employers can add profit to the bottom line. Senza Carta begins at pre-boarding and on-boarding, targeting and enhancing the early stage of the employment relationship where trust and engagement lay the foundations for the employment relationship.

By meeting the needs of the millennial generation who live their lives as a continuum between education, entertainment, recreation and work, Senza Carta facilitates their engagement via technology that supports the employment relationship.

Ultimately, Senza Carta enables People Success to be part of Business Success in a world where technology provides an engaging and motivating Employee Experience

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